About Us

Welcome to Football Heaven! As passionate football fans and historical romantics, we search the world for vintage football shirts that serve as a measure of time in the beautiful game. Please note, all of our shirts are used and secondhand. We collect shirts from individuals and memorabilia collectors around the globe to provide our customers with their piece of football history. Due to the nature of vintage shirts that are no longer in production, often times the quality differs based on the previous owner. We do our best to restore the shirts to their best possible condition before sending them to you. We have no affiliation with the clubs.

We're football fans first, and there is nothing like wearing the shirt of your football heroes while watching them play. That's where it started: nervously on the edge of our seats on a hot summer day in front of the TV in our Brazil kits, as we watched the tournament favorites get closer to elimination by the hands of the French in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Gripping the iconic red long sleeves to our mouths as John Terry walked up to take the final penalty in Moscow 2008. Pacing the room in the blue & black striped United shirts as QPR desperately held on to the 2-2 against City in 2012. The shirt will always carry the memory of those moments.             



Growing up in Canada, a place where football was still in early acceptance stages, we always stuck out whenever we wore our Ronaldinho or David Beckham shirts outside of the house. Collecting the kits of the best players was always our passion, but finding and buying quality kits in the Western world was always a challenge. Shipping always made it too expensive and as a result, those perfect shirts were a rarity.

As the game grew in popularity on our side, and as more and more football fans identified themselves, we knew it was time to turn our passion into a service. Football Heaven is committed to sourcing the highest quality kits, for an affordable price for our customers. We are committed to preservation and restoration; we repurpose damaged or mistreated football shirts to keep the pride and identity alive. We're still small, but we are doing our best to spread the love of the beautiful game through its greatest identifier: the beautiful shirts. Now you can embody the swagger of collars up Eric Cantona, the ice-cold long sleeves/black gloves combination of Thierry Henry, & the warrior personality of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, without breaking the bank.